Sustainable Food Workshops

Project period: 01/2018 – ongoing
Partners: Futouris e.V., Centre for Sustainable Tourism (ZENAT) at Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development, Knallgrün
Project Team: Dagmar Lund-Durlacher, Andrea Dietl, Hannes Antonschmidt

Training of hotel staff is essential to secure the successful implementation of the principles of sustainable food. Having researched and published on the topic since 2015, Prof. Lund-Durlacher conducts together with Futouris e.V., the sustainability initiative of the German travel industry, ‘Train the Trainer’ workshops as well as staff trainings. The content consists of background knowledge about the concept of sustainable food and practical exercises for hotel staff. The basis for the contents of the workshops is the Futouris Manual „Sustainable Food“. Workshops are held in English, German and Spanish language.

Manuals for:

Austria: Handbuch „Nachhaltiges Speisen- und Getränkeangebot“

Egypt: Manual The Sustainable Kitchen

Spain: Manual Gastronomico