Expert Concept and Guidelines for the Sustainable Tourism Development in Rheinland-Pfalz

The state of RLP has set itself the goal of initiating a strategic and operational change process towards sustainable tourism development. A coherent concept is being developed as a future orientation and action framework for sustainable tourism development in RLP, which contains statements on tasks, structures, financing and funding opportunities. Project period: 05/2022 – ongoingPartners: […]

Transforming Tourism – Protecting biodiversity and increasing local value creation by promoting sustainable tourism development in three pilot destinations in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica

The project supports three certified destinations in Costa Rica (Sarapiquí and Sarchí) and the Dominican Republic (Las Galeras) as models for sustainable development and biodiversity through a destination management strategy. The focus is on the implementation of zero waste, sustainable gastronomy and eco-efficiency concepts as well as on the development of innovative, high-quality sustainable tourism […]

„Unbalanced tourism growth at destination level – root causes, impacts, existing solutions and good practices”

The project focuses on the phenomenon of overtourism, its causes, impacts as well as possible solutions for mitigating and preventing its negative effects at destination level. The project also includes an analysis of best practice solutions applied in Europe and worldwide as well as the development of a set of indicators in order to measure […]